WORKSHOP Iris - Kizomba-Belly Dance mix choreography

Sun 22. November 2020 at 10:00 - 12:00

Kaja Cultural Centre · E. Vilde tee 118, 12914 Tallinn, Estonia

Kizomba is a music and dance style from Angola that intertwines romantic melodies and African rhythms. Although it is a worldwide couple dance, separate women's stylistics are also studied today - to make the movements look especially elegant and smooth when dancing with a partner.

Some of Kizomba's hip movements and body waves are familiar to Oriental dance - the choreography taught in the workshop has both Oriental Dance like fluidity and precise step accents. The choreography is well suited for group performance.

If possible, bring high heeled (Latin) dance shoes!

Sun, 22.11 at 10am - 12pm
All levels
Price: 20/27 €

Iris has been active in the dance world for over 20 years. Beginning with Indian classical dance, she devoted herself to flamenco, after which belly dance became her main focus. She is a member of the Zahira dance group but works also as a soloist and dance teacher. She has been teaching continuously in Estonia and also as a guest teacher/artist at festivals in Latvia and Finland. In addition to Oriental dance, she is teaching „Etno Dance“ classes, inspired by ethnic dances from different countries. Iris is also a member of the Estonian Chamber of Oriental Dance. Iris considers her most exciting dance experience the six years she spent dancing in the Middle East, where she also got a lot of inspiration to learn other dance styles and introduce new trends to her students. The fusion-choreographies mixing different styles by Iris are very popular among dancers!

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The workshop is part of the 14th International Oriental Dance Festival. This is the largest Oriental dance event in Estonia with Oriental dance workshops, gala show, open-stage shows, a film screening and an Oriental bazaar. The event brings together dancers from every corner of Estonia, the neighbouring countries and beyond.

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Kaja Cultural Centre · E. Vilde tee 118, 12914 Tallinn, Estonia

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