ONLINE WORKSHOP Amira - Belly Dance with Veil

Mon 21. December 2020 - Mon 1. February 2021


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The use of veils as a dance props in Oriental dance gained momentum under the influence of romantic Hollywood films of the early 20th century. At first, the veil was used for a showy entrance to the stage, the dramatic removal of the veil from the body during the dance also became popular. Today, the veil dance has developed into a separate Belly Dance genre and is one of the most beloved props in belly dancing.

The veil is also Amira's favourite dance prop. In this workshop, we will learn a Belly Dance choreography with a veil and musical timing when dancing with a veil.

The music used in the choreography is Zaman:

NB! 3-meter silk or chiffon veil is required!

Technique, choreography
Improvers, advanced
Price: 27 €

Amira is an internationally recognised artist and dance teacher whose mission is to encourage women to find self-confidence and self-expression through dance. She has released two successful belly dance instructional DVDs. After having lived in Las Vegas for twenty years in the midst of the entertainment business, Amira is happy to continue her dance journey in her native Estonia.

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The workshop is part of the 14th International Oriental Dance Festival. This is the largest Oriental dance event in Estonia with Oriental dance workshops, gala show, open-stage shows, a film screening and an Oriental bazaar. The event brings together dancers from every corner of Estonia, the neighbouring countries and beyond.

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