Only Bones v1.6

Doors: 18:30

a-le-hopp circus popup (Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava) • Telliskivi 60a/7, Harju maakond, Estonia

Ticket sales starts on 03.06.2024 at 12:00

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Proudly presented by the Tallinn Fringe Festival.

Performer: Marina Cherry
Genre: Circus, Dance, Physical Theatre
Language: non-verbal, little English
Duration: 50 minutes
Tickets: from 9€
(On the door: 16€)
Estonian premiere

Lanky loidlings.
Squishy Schloompings.
Spiky Spa-doo-dlings.

Marina Cherry squeaks, zooms, and tiptoes through a micro-space. Fragmenting pieces of a spunky personal universe puddle over the stage for her solo performance, Only Bones v1.6.
Intriguingly engulfing, sporadically disturbing, this quirky conglomeration creates a mishmash of corporal and cerebral manipulations – a follow-up project to the original Only Bones (v.1.0) created by Thomas Monckton. Bursting the bubbles of banality, in a balance between theatrical and physical, Marina nudges the limits, researching innovation amongst extreme constraints, using only one light, it is a maximization of the minimal.

Only Bones Project is a minimalist physical theatre and sparse-video performance project. Using uniform and restrictive parameters solo performers create their own unique live shows with a similar aesthetic. With guidelines of "only one light, no narrative, no set, no props, no text, and all within a limited amount of space”
Original Text from Director Thomas Monckton.

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Only Bones v1\.6 - Marina Cherry from Kallo Collective on Vimeo.

a-le-hopp circus popup (Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava) • Telliskivi 60a/7, Harju maakond, Estonia

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