North Star AI, Applied Data Science Conference for Developers

Thu 7. March 2019 at 08:00 - 18:00

Kultuurikatel · Põhja pst 27A Tallinn, Estonia

Discover how data enables Machine Intelligence!

North Star AI is a technical conference in Europe from practitioner to practitioner that focuses on real application of data science and machine learning. Join us on 7th March 2019 in Tallinn.

• Who participates?
Early confirmations for speakers include DeepMind, Netflix, Spotify and Taxify with more to come.
We bring together 500+ developers, tech leads, data analysts, technical founders and anybody else who wants to learn about technical aspects of AI, ML and data science.

* What are the topics?
North Star AI 2019 program provides value-adding insights into data-related practices in ML, as well as views into what’s coming next.

Experts from leading companies present solutions about:

Human-Centric ML infrastructure; The Internet of Intelligent Things; Data Visualization; Speech Recognition technology stack; Deep Learning; Meta-Learning and Meta-Reinforcement Learning; Self-driving; Recurrent Neural Network.
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* Why?
This is a unique opportunity to tap into the leading minds of AI technology and data science. North Star AI is focusing on data as this is the most important thing in machine learning. Algorithms and computing power is a commodity, data is not as it defines what your algorithms learn. Even in the age of big data, labelled data is a scarce resource in many ML use-cases. We know that the collection of data is difficult - challenges with privacy, quality, labelling being expensive to name a few. Yet, data gives you a competitive advantage, something that your competitors don’t have.

* Who organizes?
In 2017 a group of AI engineers gathered the leading technology companies in the world and Northern Europe to kick-start the road to the highest quality technical event in data science in the world.

* Details for accounting:
NORTH STAR AI MTÜ Reg code: 80426598 VAT: EE102033739 Lille 2, Tallinn, Estonia

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Kultuurikatel · Põhja pst 27A Tallinn, Estonia