Estonian Naturism Lake Camp 2020

Fri 31. July at 15:00 - Sun 2. August 2020 at 18:00

Lake Tõhela Holiday Village · Lake Tõhela, Pärnu County, Estonia

Lake Camp is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and also get to know new people and engage in different activities according to your interests. Lake Camp is multilingual, You can communicate in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. Lake Camp takes places without any concern for the weather :)

Lake Tõhela Holiday Village has a sauna, summer houses, caravan parking places, and camping ground, also barbecue facilities and a playground for children. There are possibilities for outdoor sports – boats, canoes, water bicycles and it is also possible to rent fishing equipment and motors for boats, towels, etc.

The Lake Camp is a naked recreation event, where all the activities taking place will depend on the campsite opportunities and the participants freely planned program. Participants will be able to introduce their lifestyle and offer a program to others and instruct participants in different activities - for example, such as body painting, massage, yoga, dance, etc.


# House no. 1 – no. 4 (up to 6 participants per house)
With 4 beds (including 2 bunk beds) up to 6 people can be fitted – includes participation fee for up to 6 people. Furniture, kettle, fridge, el. radiator, 230V socket. Pillow and blanket for 4, entry fee for up to 6, use of barbecue facilities, sauna, shower, and other territory facilities (including watercraft).

# House no. 6 (up to 9 participants)
22m2, 1 room with 7 beds, a fold-out sofa in the middle of the room- 2 extra bed places, furniture, WC with sink, mini kitchen, 230V socket. Barbecues next to the house. Pillow and blanket for 7, participation fee for up to 9, use of sauna, shower, and territory facilities (including watercraft).

#Tent place (up to 4 participants per tent)
Includes participation fee for up to 4 people, use of sauna, shower, mini kitchen, DC and WC, barbecues and other, territory facilities (including watercraft). NB! Does not include a tent.

# Caravan place
Caravan ticket includes participation fee for up to 4 people. You can choose your own parking space.

# Passport (for 1-2 participants)
The passport guarantees access to the Lake Camp area from July 31, 15:00 - August 02, 18:00. NB! Night peace 23:00 - 07:00. Includes the use of outdoor toilets and other territory facilities (including watercraft). You can spend the night in your car or outside the Lake Camp area, or make a deal with a fellow participant, who has room in his/her house, caravan or tent.

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Participants in the lake camp can also participate in modeling workshops.

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Lake Tõhela Holiday Village · Lake Tõhela, Pärnu County, Estonia

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