my therapist is Ukrainian • Amsterdam • a comedy show in English

Sunday 19. May at 18:00 - 20:00

Buurman De With • Witte de Withstraat 102, 1057 ZG Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Bringing People Together For A Night of Healing Humor. They Say Laughter is the Best Medicine, So Come Out, Grab a Drink & Have Some Therapeutic Laughs!

After a sold out run of the "How To Cheat on Your Husband" Comedy Show in the Netherlands (11 cities, 18 shows, and almost 2000 people talking about cheating), Luana is trying to tell another funny story. How she met her therapist, and how she changed her life. Be ready to laugh, be open-minded, and sometimes be talked or be asked weird question you don't even need to answer!

Amsterdam, 19th May (sun) at 6:00PM / doors open 5:30PM
at Buurman De With

About the show: What It’s Like to Be a Comedian Doing Therapy With a Therapist in Ukraine?The show follows Luana, with her family, relations and somehow "petty" problems, and her therapist in Ukraine dealing with real issues. They both start to break the rules, make each other laugh in the hardest times, tell each other exactly what they think and making huge, tumultuous changes to each other's lives.

This is the somehow real story of Luana's and her therapist's personal story. The show is interactive, heart-warming, based on humour driven from honesty. Even if you are uncomfortable being completely honest because a topic is very deep or too dark in your mind, going there and experimenting with it will pay off in the long run. This is a comedy show, not a political event

Who is Luana?
Luana Matei (RO), originally from Romania, she lived in Tokyo for 12 years before getting trapped in Amsterdam during the lockdown. Her jokes range from family & therapy, love & sex, marriage, divorce, cheating and loss; in no particular order. In 2022/23 she began extensively touring Europe with over 200 packed shows (120+ sold out) entertaining more than 16,000 people. Her comedy is dark, insightful, and deftly encapsulating her experiences living and traveling around the world! She takes vulnerability to another level, pushing the boundaries of "How soon is too soon?"

Buurman De With • Witte de Withstraat 102, 1057 ZG Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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