Mount Vesuvius Drag

Monday 29. April at 07:30 - 15:00

0745 Transport departs JFC Naples
0830 Personnel arrive at route start
0900 Mount Vesuvius Drag commences
by 1300 Mount Vesuvius Drag finishes
1330 Personnel return to JFCNP
1415 All personnel and field gun at JFCNP

More information can be found in the administrative order; available on request.

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio • Campania, Italy

As part of the NATO 75 celebrations, the JFC Naples Field Gun crew will undertake a challenge to haul the field gun along a 10km route to the entrance of the Vesuvius National Park, a rise of approximately 3000m. This is a challenge that needs support from the wider community, so the Field Gun Crew is offering an opportunity to personnel from the wider community for this once in a life-time opportunity to achieve this.

Opportunities exist for personnel to help haul the gun (military personnel only) or to assist in driving duties (driver positions only open to UK military personnel with a valid driving license owing to use of the UK fleet).



Hauling the gun

Position on the gun - I fancy challenging myself!



I wish to help drive - UK military personnel only




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Payment method

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio • Campania, Italy

Google Map of Campania, Italy

Chris Hughes