Texan Grit, Minnesotan Nice, Romanian Spice: A Recipe for a Hilarious Night

Saturday 27. April at 19:00 - 20:00

Heldeke • Tööstuse 13, 10413 Tallinn, Estonia

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Come join us on April 27th at Heldeke for a night of comedy.

Benjamin McWilliams is a globe-trotter who has lived in many countries and has hitchhiked in even more. He has hitchhiked from Germany to Bulgaria while touring from country to country. Benjamin got his master’s degree in China where he had to defend his thesis in Chinese (not recommended). The naive optimism and gullibility can only suit a Texan living abroad.

Shane Patrick is from Suburban southern Minnesota to dejected Rural Western Lithuania. Before he left for Europe, he told his momma nine years ago “I’m a travelin’ man now”. While the environment has changed Shane’s uptempo, theatric, and hectic style persists. He’s been half-assing it and nervous sweating in psych offices from sea to shining sea and soon he’ll half-ass his way into your heart.

Silviu Aron, the captivating Romanian comedian, has introduced his distinct humor to the lively stand-up scene in Lithuania and is happy to bring it to Tallinn. His comedic style seamlessly weaves cultural insights and everyday absurdities, creating an instant connection with the audience. Silviu effortlessly navigates the nuances of Romanian and Baltic life, fostering a shared experience through his blend of humor that resonates with diverse audiences.

Our group is Moonshine Comedy, an English comedy group based in the land of rain, otherwise known as Lithuania. We are excited to bring our comedy group to Estonia and show you a foreigner's perspective of life in the Baltics!!!

Grab yourself a ticket and check us out!!!
Tickets are 20 at the door

Heldeke • Tööstuse 13, 10413 Tallinn, Estonia

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Benjamin McWilliams