Tilt Workshop: Michaela Puchalková (CZE) - “Feedback In Improv World”

Sat 22. September 2018 at 14:00 - 17:00

Estonia pst 5a

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What can we learn from the coaches and personal development trainers? How the principles of NVC - NonViolentCommunication could help us the improvisers and the teachers?
Is there any difference between the Feedback and the Evaluation?
During the workshop we will use our personal experiences to learn how to give and receive feedback. We will see how to utilise the feedback principles in our very precious and delicate improv art world to maximise our potential without causing harm.


Discovering improv during a stay in France, in Marseille, Michaela fell in love with improv and her first group La L.I.Pho (Ligue d’Improvisation Phocéenne). Back home in Prague in 2000 she founded the first Czech improv group Pra.L.I.NY and helped to emerge a number of teams and groups in the Czech Republic. She loves the endless journey to explore the possibilities of improvisation both in theater and in life and does it as an improv trainer, player, coach & facilitator.


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E-mail: tilt@improfestival.ee