Honey and beekeeping fair

Saturday 23. September at 10:00 - Sunday 24. September 2023 at 17:00

Tallinna Lauluväljak • Narva maantee 95, 10127 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Tallinn received the title of European Green Capital from the European Commission in 2021. Year of the Green Capital
as main themes, Tallinn emphasizes the preservation of biodiversity, management based on sustainable principles and
the desire to help city dwellers better understand the importance of environmental protection.

Beekeeping is an important area in maintaining biodiversity. Beekeepers observe nature thanks to bees
carefully and so they have a wealth of experience to share. To raise general environmental awareness and contribute
maintaining biodiversity, organized by the NGO Tallinn beekeepers' society in cooperation with the NGO Let's start from the beginning 23.-
On September 24, a honey and beekeeping fair will be held indoors at Tallinn's Song Square. Similar to beekeeping
the trade fair has not taken place before, now is the time.

The honey and beekeeping fair is aimed at both professionals and hobby beekeepers, as well as everyone else,
who cares about biodiversity, naturally clean products and supporting local businesses.

The purpose of the fair is to create a space for beekeepers and beekeeping enthusiasts. The fair wants to become a tradition and
create a place where beekeepers once a year with sellers and manufacturers of beekeeping goods and inventory
get together, where both beginners and professionals can get information about technological innovations, changes
on handling practices and legislative requirements. The fair is also a place for honey and clean food friends
can get to know the flavors of honey from different regions of Estonia, get to know the rich selection of beekeeping products and
buy other local (food) goods. Lectures on honey, bees, beekeeping and
on environmental education topics for target groups with different interests.

The glass hall on the second floor has a space for the fair. Various Estonian regional chambers are represented in the sales area
food providers. In addition to honey and beekeeping products, the visitor can also find other local goods, which
characteristic of Estonian food regions. There is a catering area, organized childcare and
organized activities for older children and young people.
On the third floor, or balcony, those interested can participate in workshops related to beekeeping, for example
make wax cloth, candles, creams, etc.

Tallinna Lauluväljak • Narva maantee 95, 10127 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Erki Naumanis