LONITSEERA contsert in Ice Age Centre

Saturday 20. July at 21:00 - 23:00

Ice Age Centre • Saadjärve 20, 60543 Äksi, Tartumaa, Estonia

LONITSEERA is an Estonian alt-pop music group and it performs at Ice Age Centre next to mammoths exposition after the Äksi [pre]opinion festival 20. in July.

The author of the band’s music and lyrics is Kaisa Kuslapuu. In 2022, the band’s debut album “Tapeet” was released, which received the “Author’s Song Album of the Year” award at the Estonian Music Awards 2023. Listen to LONITSERA’s music here!

In LONITSEERA, dome-like grinning and lyrical heartbreak meet. Kaisa Kuslapuu, the artistic director of the band, considers the stationary gravel pile in front of her birthplace and growing up with popular music in Estonian to be her biggest influences. Both the listeners and the band members themselves have tried to describe Loniceera’s musical style, but it has been rather unsuccessful. So you have to accept the expressions “dramatic Indian pop”, “subtle humor with good bass” or “fairly sing-along music”. Loniceera’s debut album “Tapeet” (2022) was warmly received by both fans and critics, and it was awarded the title of original song album of the year at the 2023 Estonian Music Awards.

“I don’t think there is another pop band as bright as Lonitseera in Estonia at the moment, and with this record alone, they have already secured their place in Estonian music history.”

– Marek Kallin (Eesti Express)

Ice Age Centre • Saadjärve 20, 60543 Äksi, Tartumaa, Estonia

Google Map of Saadjärve 20, 60543 Äksi, Tartumaa, Estonia

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