Mari Volar (is still) A Work In Progress

Galerie am Brüsseler Platz - GABP • Brüsseler Platz 14, 50674 Cologne, NRW, Germany

Have you ever wanted to see how comedy shows are born? This is your chance!

Before heading to the largest performing arts festival in the world (hello, Edinburgh Fringe!), Cologne-based comedian Mari Volar will preview her unrefined solo show for all English comedy lovers in Cologne. This is your chance to see (and judge) a show that (hopefully) a large number of drunk people in Scotland will also see and judge. It's all really fun, honestly!

This is officially an unfinished show which is why you can choose how much you want to pay for it! See more about that in ticket options. It also means it will be a night of raw honesty, new thoughts and sharing things with the audience that will never be shared again. If that level of excitement is for you, make sure you're there!

Who even is Mari Volar and why should you care?

Mari Volar is an international comedian, MC and event producer from Estonia. Since starting out in stand up comedy in 2019, she has performed to sold out crowds at various festivals (Edinburgh Fringe 2023, Tallinn Fringe 2022 and 2023), co-founded the first women-centric comedy festival in Luxembourg (Festrogen Festival) and taken her comedy collective Clit Comedy Club to 23 different cities across 10 countries with its original show "The Clitoris Act".
She also runs "The Comedy Bär" and the only weekly English comedy show in Cologne with Random Things Comedy.

Her comedic style is cheerful yet dry as she balances observational jokes against the reality of being a perpetual outsider. Mari proudly brings more feminism into her comedy and more comedy into her feminism, creating an over-the-top mix in both that simply cannot be missed. Her witty remarks and tales of immigrant living will make you love, hate and pity her in perfectly equal amounts.

In 2023 her work in progress solo show was also selected to the official programme at the Women in Comedy Festival Manchester.

Galerie am Brüsseler Platz - GABP • Brüsseler Platz 14, 50674 Cologne, NRW, Germany

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