Ocean Acres Charity night.
All Tickets sales for this night will be donated to ocean acres animal sanctuary

Welcome back to The Barbados Magic Lounge; the curiously original, first of its kind, magical theatre in Barbados.
This season we are proud to present: Memorabilia - The Magic Show.

Our magician Hans Grane will dazzle, deceive and amaze you in this magical performance. Using all the dirty tricks in the book, he will share stories on how our memories have shaped us and reveal the magic that lives in them.

Come experience the wonder of our thoughtfully curated magic show!
A unique chance to turn magical moments into your own special memories.

Combine it with a dinner at Castaways for a complete evening.

All prices are in US Dollars.
Tickets do not include dinner.

Barbados Magic Lounge and Castaways Restaurant.