STF 2024: Short performance evening

Saturday 28. September at 17:00 - 19:00

Von Krahl theatre, Big stage • Telliskivi 60a/9, 10412 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Short performance evening is part of the STF 2024: Sõltumatu Tantsu Festival (26.09 - 5.10.2024). Get your festival information and passes [HERE] (

Short performance evening: Leïla Ka, Gil Gerer, Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson 

Short performances are a common format in international dance art, which is rarely practiced in Estonia. At the same time, it is varied and artistically rich, as it offers the opportunity to see short works by different choreographers in one evening.

In the STF's short performance evening, we will bring to the stage five short productions by three promising new generation choreographers: Leïla Ka's “Pode Ser”, “You're the one we love” and “Bouffées”, Gil Gerer's “Concerto for mandolin and string in C major by Vivaldi” and Sarah Baltzinger’s and Isaiah Wilson’s “Megastructure”.

More information:

LeilaKa “Pode Ser”, “Se faire la belle” and “Bouffée”

Choreography: Leïla Ka
Dancers: Anna Tierney (Pode Ser), Océane Crouzier, Jane Fournier Dumer, Mat Ieva, Leïla Ka või Mathilde Roussin
Light creation: Laurent Fallot
Lighting control: Laurent Fallot, Clara Coll Bigot or Agathe Pascal
Sound control: Rodrig De Sa or Manon Garnier
Production: Compagnie Leïla Ka

Leila Ka is currently considered a prodigy of French dance art, who is constantly conquering the stages of Western Europe. Her first production "Pode Ser" received international recognition six times and has been performed more than 200 times to date. Leila Ka's solo "Se faire la belle" was awarded in 2022 by French Critics Union with the award as "Choreographic Revelation". In the same year, she won first place in the Danse Expandée competition organized by the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris with the work “Bouffée”, which was characterized as a paradoxical struggle with and against oneself, and whose choreographic precision carries a certain sensuality. 

Leila Ka's work can be considered both vulnerable and determined. It expresses unquenchable desire, indomitable rebellion and endurance, breaking free from the commands and shackles that limit freedom. Leila Ka's "Pode Ser", "Bouffee" and "You're the one we love" will be shown at the Sõltumatu Tantsu Festival.

Supporters: IADU Incubator / La Villette Fondation de France 2017, Compagnie Dyptik, Espace Keraudy - Plougonvelin Cultural and Congress Center, La Becquée - Brest Contemporary Dance Festival, Le FLOW - Lille Euroregional Center for Urban Cultures, Micadanses-Paris Le Théâtre - Saint-Nazaire national scene, Théâtre Icare de Saint-Nazaire.

Gil Gerer “Concerto for mandolin and strings in C major by Vivaldi”

Author: Gil Kerer
Dancers: Gil Kerer, Lotem Regev
Music: Vivaldi’s Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major, performed by Avi Avital and the Baroque: Orchestra of Venice
Artistic assistant: Anat Cederbaum
Director of rehearsals: Alex Shmurak

The classical and popular musicality of the mandolin strings is plucked by a dynamic, athletic dance. A relationship of complicity in the game between the said and the unsaid seems to characterize the movements but also the looks of the two dancers. The energy of the movements recalls an urbanity of other times, memories projected in the life of the present man. Concerto thus presents itself as a performance that embodies an adult, youthful and childish dance: music and dance are perceived as a celebration, as a space of freedom, simplicity, virtuosity, intimacy and friendship. The dancers gather their tenderness, remain still and strong, and dance to the sound of the strings, returning to the primary experience of dance with humility and joy.

Vivaldi’s Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major premiered as part of the 2020 Curtain Up Festival in Tel-Aviv. The piece was awarded both the 3rd Prize for Choreography and the Pforzheim Theater Production Prize in the 35th International Choreography Competition in Hannover. In addition, the piece received the Best Interpretation Award from the Ministry of Culture in Israel for 2021.

Gil Gerer began his professional journey in dance in the young KCDC and at Vertigo Dance Company, and has since danced with numerous independent choreographers. He works mostly in Tel Aviv as a freelance choreographer and dancer. In his work Gil seeks a gentle movement presence, searching for human and intimate physical expression. 

Lotem Regev is an Israeli-Hungarian choreographer and performer. He worked with the Gothenburg Operans Danskompani, Batsheva Ensemble, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC), Marie Chouinard and Inbal Dance Theater. Since 2013, Lotem has created his work internationally (Israel, Slovenia, Holland, Italy, USA, Germany, Russia and Sweden) and teaches movement research and repertoire workshops.

Sarah Baltzinger and Isaiah Wilson “Megastructure”

Choreography: Isaiah Wilson and Sarah Baltzinger
Dancers: Isaiah Wilson and Sarah Baltzinger

“Megastructure” is a puzzle, a performative dance duet whose pieces are constantly being dismantled, searched for, tested and reinvented. Baltzinger and Wilson draw on their bodies in constant cohabitation to deconstruct the traditional format of theatre and dance pieces. What does the audience expect in a performance? What is necessary to create? Without music or other distractions, “Megastructure” is both an immersive experience and a captivating performance with choreographic puppeteering and dislocated bodies.

Sarah and Isaiah collaborate in various projects together. With MEGASTRUCTURE they won the XL production Award at RIDCC 2023 alongside four other partners, that will lead to collaborations with renowned companies.

Sarah Baltzinger has worked as a performer for various choreographers in Europe. Currently, she is developing her own choreographic work based on research around puppeteering and dislocated bodies. She has four creations to her credit and she recently created a project for five female performers named VÉNUS ANATOMIQUE.

Isaiah Wilson completed his secondary education at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers and went on to study dance  at Codarts. He did his internship with ICK Amsterdam and later worked with Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company as a guest artist. Currently, Isaiah works as an interdisciplinary artist and recently created a project called “score” for three performers combining dance and scientific innovation.

Partners: Tipperary Dance Festival, TROIS C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Fondation Indépendance by BIL, Arsenal, Cité Musicale-Metz, Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, Moselle Department, City of Metz

Von Krahl theatre, Big stage • Telliskivi 60a/9, 10412 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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