Sunday 14. July at 13:00 - 14:00

F. R. Kreutzwald Museum's outdoor stage

The band Lõõtsanoobid is yet another quality product from the traditional music ensemble factory of Karksi-Nuia Music School.

The group consists of five friends who, in addition to playing together, could each single-handedly entertain a village party with their instrumental skills. They play a wide variety of instruments, ranging from saxophone to piano. In fact, they could easily swap instruments among themselves in any order and still perform successfully.

The band has been active for approximately two years and has given over 30 performances during this time, from the Estonian National Museum (ERM) to Estonian Television (ETV). They frequently perform in their home region of Mulgimaa, where they have become sought-after musicians.

Since autumn 2022, the band has been joined by the accordion king Rasmus Kadaja, alongside their mentor Margus Põldsepp. Since then, the boys are now familiar with the Võru accordion as well.

The summer of 2023 was like a dream, spent acquiring essential skills at various folklore camps and jamming with friends until morning. Therefore, we are always ready to learn new and exciting things and spend time joyfully making music together!

Ticket price: 15€

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