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Sun 29. March 2020 at 17:30 - 19:00

Enter the platform at least 5-10 Minutes early to avoid technical complications

Loola Kundalini yoga studio · online room, Estonia

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Kundalini yoga taught by yogi Bhajan is a technology to come to your "Sat Nam" - the true self. These days we have have no other choice than to relax and slow down. In this process of calming I invite you to journey to your deeper being. If this sounds frightening, then know that Kundalini yoga will also make your whole body to move, pumping and rinsing your lymphatic vessels and focusing on the creator of your hormones - the glandular system. Your mind will be fed mantras instead of haunting thoughts and your breath will be guided to support you to let go and accept.

During the upcoming months the focus of the lessons will be in strengthening the health and immune system, coming to the heart center and calming the mind to come to a neutral state. A neutral mind is a tool that helps you to act instead of reacting.


The lessons will take place through online platform. You'll receive exact information about how to fix zoom in your computer when purchasing the ticket. Setting this up will take you max 5 minutes.

The cost for the lesson is optionally 5, 7 or 10 euros. You can pay accordingly to your heart feeling and financial possibilities. If these options are still too much for you, let me know and we'll find a solution.

Do enter the zoom room 5-10 minutes before the lesson (15:50) to avoid any technical complications. You can turn off your video for the time of the lesson and we have an optional sharing time after the lesson.

For the lesson have:

- a yoga mat or any non-slippery carpet, a blanket for relaxation and in case you need a small pillow for more comfortable sitting
- some warm water or tea (cold water gives a shock to your system)
- comfortable clothes, preferably natural fabric and light colors
- a room where you can focus on yourself, it's good to get some more air in before starting
- an empty stomach, preferably don't eat up to 2 hours before the lesson
- an open mind and heart

If you have any questions before coming to the class or in case this is your very first kundalini yoga lesson, let me know by writing to

For more info about the upcoming lessons, events like mantra singing, also tips and thoughts on this strange kind of time, go to : or

See you soon!
Grete, Shanti Ramdesh Kaur

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Loola Kundalini yoga studio · online room, Estonia

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