"Power" and "Rauaniit" / DocPoint 2021

Saturday 6. February at 18:00 - Sunday 7. February 2021 at 23:50


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An experimental shale-oil essay starring people, industry, and nature.

Name in Original Language: Küte
Director: Ivar Murd
Country: Eesti
Year: 2021
Length: 11 min
Cinematography: Taavi Arus
Music: Aivar Tõnso
Production: Margus Õunapuu

To create a new, you have to give up the old. As a result of the dust, physical and dirty work of construction workers the building of the former textile factory Rauaniit gives birth to a modern Art Academy.

An observational documentary by Maria Aua is about the reconstruction of the former textile factory into the Academy of Arts. The process of transformation is the result of the selfless and hard physical work of the builders. A glamorous opening party takes place in the newly completed modern house, the rooms are filled with new kind of people, there are no builders …

Name in Original Language: Rauaniit
Director: Maria Aua
Country: Estonia
Year: 2020
Length: 43 min
Cinematography: Maria Aua
Editing: Maria Aua
Production: Vesilind

Online Elisa Stage: Premiere on Sat 6.02 - 18:00 (tickets available till 7.02.2021 23:50)

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