Kustom Kulture Blastoff

Friday 6. September at 12:00 - Sunday 8. September at 17:00

Slates Farm • Slates Farm, LN8 2AW lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to the heart of artistic expression and mechanical marvels at the UK's premier kustom art festival! Nestled amidst the picturesque rolling hills of Lincolnshire lies Slates Farm, LN8 2AW, the spirited host to a gathering that's as vibrant as it is eclectic.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable extravaganza spanning three exhilarating days, from the 6th to the 8th of September 2024. This festival is a homage to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of custom car and motorcycle culture, where every revving engine and each stroke of paint speaks volumes of passion and creativity.

Prepare to be awestruck as the grounds come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors, showcasing breathtaking custom vehicles that are not just machines but living, breathing pieces of art. From sleek retro rides to futuristic wonders, witness a stunning array of automobiles and motorcycles that defy convention and redefine style.

But that's not all—immerse yourself in the world of artistic mastery as expert hands weave magic through pinstriping and airbrushing, transforming metal canvases into awe-inspiring masterpieces. The air will be tinged with the buzz of creativity, echoing the spirit of individuality and self-expression that defines this community.

For the bold and the ink enthusiasts, skilled tattoo artists will be on-site, wielding needles like brushes, turning skin into a canvas for stories, symbols, and personal expressions.

Beyond the sights and sounds, anticipate an atmosphere buzzing with camaraderie and shared passion. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, exchange stories, and forge connections amidst a backdrop of unparalleled artistry.

So, gear up for an exhilarating weekend where imagination meets innovation, where craftsmanship intertwines with culture, and where the spirit of kustom artistry thrives in every meticulously customized detail. Join us at Slates Farm and be part of a celebration that's as unique and individualistic as you are!

Slates Farm, LN8 2AW lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

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