Kingdom of Thieves


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Proudly presented by the Tallinn Fringe Festival.

Genre: Theatre
Language: English

On Saturday and Sunday (18.09 and 19.09) at 20:00!

Travel back in time to the year of our Lord 1219, and discover the inspiring tale of medieval Tallinn - the Mecca of Merchants - the Gateway to the Eastern riches!

Join us and take part in an interactive live storytelling journey crafted around a movie filmed specially for this online experience in one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world - Tallinn.

In the summer of 2020 we brought together a team of visionaries - including the master of medieval visuals, Nathan Popa; the Oscar-nominated Esko Brothers; and over a 100 volunteers, to produce the world's first Live-Narrated Online Movie - "Kingdom of Thieves" - a fusion of a silent film and live storytelling.

Now in 2021 we want to deliver this experience to the comforts of your homes.

PS! The sessions will be hosted in ENGLISH!

PPS! One booking is for one household - there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the same room using the same device.

PPPS! This performance is a romanticized retelling of historic events and well known legends of Tallinn - this means that instead of a deep dive into numbers and names, we focus on entertainment and sending a positive message.

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