Creative thinking: how to help the brain come up with something?

Tuesday 14. May at 19:00 - 22:00 coworking and bar • Mediteranska bb, 85310 Budva, Opština Budva, Montenegro

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On May 14th in Budva, the scientific journalist and science popularizer Asya Kazantseva will give a lecture on "Creative Thinking: How to Help Your Brain Come Up with Something?" During which we will discuss whether creativity can be "boosted" and whether science can help us in this.

Professional tasks can be divided into two types. "Pull yourself together" is when you have a sequence of logical steps, and you just need to go ahead and do it. "Go there, I don't know where, bring me that, I don't know what" - when there is no single correct answer, different performers will achieve completely different results, and often they themselves do not know in advance what they will come to.

Is science capable of studying the second group of tasks at all? How to reproduce them in the laboratory? How to measure the quality of completing a creative task? Is it possible to see in a tomograph what happens in the brain when a person creates completely new chains of associations between phenomena? And what can experimental psychologists advise a regular person who wants to find unconventional solutions more often and apply them in their professional activities?

After the lecture, the audience will have the opportunity to ask their questions.

Asya Kazantseva is a scientific journalist, winner of the "Enlightener" award, author of bestsellers on the human brain and behavior such as "Who Would Have Thought!", "Someone is Wrong on the Internet", "Where Do Children Come From," and a traveling lecturer. She was the editor of the popular science program "Progress" on Channel Five, "Programs for the Future" on Science 2.0, chief editor at the magazine Health. She has written popular science articles and columns for various media outlets such as "Republic," "Around the World," "Science in Focus," "Troitsky Variant," "BBC," "N+1," and others. In 2024, she left Russia and now lives in Georgia.

The lecture will take place in Budva on May 14th at 19:00 at coworking space at bb Mediteranska address.

The lecture will be conducted in Russian. coworking and bar • Mediteranska bb, 85310 Budva, Opština Budva, Montenegro

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