Tilt Workshop: Kaspars Breidaks (LVA) - “The Strategy Behind a Character”

Sat 22. September 2018 at 10:00 - 13:00

Estonia pst 5a

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Occupation, wants and dreams are not the only things that define a character. Even
though we’re improvising it’s good to have a strategy for your character’s growth and
influence in the story you’re creating. The saying: “If you have a great character, the story
will find you” is absolutely true, but to develop a character that does not get stuck in the
plot twists can sometimes be devastating. In this workshop, we’ll create, research and
strengthen the characters.


Kaspars Breidaks has studied and performed in The Second City, Chicago and represented Latvia in improv festivals in Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Spain, France and Estonia. He hosts a daily morning show on Radio SWH in Riga, Latvia and performs every week in short and long form shows. About a year ago he created “The Joy of Life school” where he applies improv rules and techniques to help people become more open minded and enrich their communication skills.


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E-mail: tilt@improfestival.ee