Platform Traction Workshops with Josh Rogers

Thu 10. September at 17:30 - Thu 8. October 2020 at 19:30

Thurs 10 Sept WEEK 1 value creation + traction – the RCM method
Thurs 17 Sept WEEK 2 curation, friction, reputations
Thurs 24 Sept WEEK 3 all about networks and network effects
Thurs 1 Oct WEEK 4 pricing and monetization
Thurs 8 Oct WEEK 5 to be determined

LIFT99 Tallinn main hub, 2nd floor · Telliskivi 60a/5, Estonia


The Platform Traction Workshops are a series of 5 workshops covering key aspects of the platform business model.

The 5th workshop I've kept open with the subject to be determined by group feedback with more on this throughout the program.

Each Workshop is in 2 Parts

  • The first half details aspects of platform models inside a methodology you can adapt directly and immediately into your own business.
  • In the second half I’ll work with one or more teams in the event space, whiteboarding their model and discussing what design elements or amendments will immediately impact performance. This is where the real work gets done in terms of how you apply real world outcomes because more than likely whatever model and we're working with will provide valuable insights into your own and allowing with Q&A feedback.


10 Sep WEEK 1 Value Creation + Traction – the RCM method

  • What is traction, how do you make it happen and how do you capture value, the RCM methodology explained for maximising value capture in platforms

17 Sep WEEK 2 Curation, Friction, Reputations

  • Why when it comes to users is less always more and how to get users to behave in ways that maximize platform value

24 Sep WEEK 3 About Networks and Network Effects

  • Why network effects are the only thing in your business that matters, what are they and how to get to the point of generating them

1 Oct WEEK 4 Pricing and Monetization

  • Why your pricing and monetization model is likely unique and why going too early or getting it wrong are platform killers

8 Oct WEEK 5 Open Subject - to be determined based on group feedback

  • All 5 workshops cost €45 p.p. to cover program operational expenses with ticket sales being limited to responsibly manage the event space.


About Me - Josh Rogers LI-Bug.svg.original.svg

I've been a mentor here at Lift99 while staying in Estonia but founded my first startup in ‘96. I’ve been mentoring, advising and investing in platform startups ever since, have been involved in more than 20 over the past 20 years, and additionally have mentored many more.

I was one of 4 founding shareholders of Freelancer the world’s largest freelancer platform, was a founding director and mentor for what became HeyYou Australia’s largest café app plus more than a dozen online marketplaces in Asia and Australia and currently mentor 10 startups in Estonia, Australia and New York, which in Estonia includes IPOHub, Salonlife, Fitamin and Homestudy here at Lift99.

I’ve mentored nearly every type of platform there is; marketplaces, employment / GIG, dating, travel, product and services, health and well-being, education, fintech and DeFi, blockchain and crypto.

Gaining strong user growth can take many things, but one more than any other matters early on …. getting the model right.

And here’s the thing …. most startups don’t.

People sometimes figure it out …. but over time.

The issue is there’s usually a lot of things not working properly in any startup, so which ones are flawed model design, UX related, a lack of dev resources or a flawed growth strategy?

Other things can get fixed but if your model is not designed to drive and accelerate traction, nothing you do will make any difference.

I’m not up for people suffering and spending their lives in anguish like most startups do.

It’s why I'm running the Platform Playbook Workshops, a series of workshops specifically created for the Lift99 community which covers how to cause and maximise traction, no matter what stage your business is at.

If you get your model right, you have a chance at causing traction and then being able to scale.

Don’t get it right though, what’s guaranteed is you’ll fail. It’s that simple.

What People Say About Me

From Lift99

“The way Josh approaches business models is incredible. In an hour of mentoring with Josh we came up with simply awesome ideas on how to move forward and what real value our system will provide our customers. I’m really happy I met Josh and his methodology and am really looking forward to his workshops.”
Norman Kolk – CEO & Co-Founder – Wisedrive

“Josh has been instrumental for us. Right away he helped us to put the focus on the most important things first, which is crucial for any startup. Surely it allowed us to move forward faster. I love how open and available he always is with his opinion. Hard to make a list of all the things he has helped, but defining precise target users, G2M strategy, presentation materials, and branding are just some of them. If you want to move fast as a startup, you have to make the right strategic decisions and for that Josh is your guy.”
Kalvis Pētersons – CEO & Co-Founder – Homestudy

“Josh has been mentoring us over three weeks. He is direct, straightforward, smart, experienced and knowledgeable which you understand from the very first discussion. He has a clear vision and understanding of how the business should be built and really knows how to develop a startup from scratch. He helped us define our business model, what our business’s value is, clarified our services, key players in the industry we should connect with, how key players in the industry should be approached, helped us focus on creating value and gave us confidence that really helped us deliver on our intended goals.”
Victor Stratan

From Australian startups

“Josh has the unique ability to not only hold the micro and macro view of a dynamic system at the same time, but to explain it in a way that is both impactful and memorable. While this talent spans numerous disciplines, it's his work on platform ecosystems that reshaped my understanding of technology platforms. If you work in tech and hear colleagues casually describe the business as a marketplace or platform, get the team to spend a day with Josh. What you learn may completely change your path to growth.”
Tim Webster – Ex-Marketing Manager – Uber, Victoria, Australia

“It’s always an honour to spend time with Josh. He is authenticity personified. His lived wisdom pivoted our company. Take the opportunity to engage. What we know and how to do it has utterly altered from my first meeting with Josh. Josh is an off the chart genius. Do what he says.”
Bruce Muirhead – CEO & Founder – MindHive

“Josh sheds an entirely new and profound light on your mission at hand – just at the time when you need it most.”
Chris Boys – CEO & Founder – Umano

“Two people profoundly impacted my view on platforms; Josh and the coach he intro’d me to. This program is genius.”
Stuart Gatenby – Technical Transformation Advisor and Architect

“As someone whose profession is very much strategic, I've always been highly impressed with Josh's comprehension of platform strategy and model design.”
Nick Gundry – Head of Emerging Market Development – SE Asia at Microsoft

“After applying Josh’s marketplace insights, it became very clear what we needed to do and how to do it.”
Trevor Loewensohn – CEO & Founder – Alceon (leading Australian investment bank) and Carthona Capital (venture capital group)

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LIFT99 Tallinn main hub, 2nd floor · Telliskivi 60a/5, Estonia

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