Tilt Workshop: Jochem Meijer (NLD) - “Shifting Gears”

Fri 21. September 2018 at 14:00 - 17:00

Rahvaülikooli teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Estonia

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Improvisational theater comes in many forms and a lot of troupes specialize on a particular style. Some will talk a lot during their scenes, others focus on silence in scenes, some groups love making small talk and others focus purely on the relationships between the characters. What would happen if you would change the style you are playing in the middle of the scene? That is what you are going to discover in this workshop. The goal is to shift styles and speeds during the scene. You will create dynamic scenes that can make small talk all of a sudden very important for the characters and switch from talking heads into beautiful silent moments. Jochem will hand you an easy to remember system with which you can consciously switch back and forth between styles for the good of the scene.


Bio: Jochem Meijer is a 40 year old improviser from Amsterdam. He has been improvising since he was 21. For over 18 years he has taught various improv troupes, schools and companies within the Netherlands and Europe. He performs every week with his troupe easylaughs in Amsterdam and is part of various specialized groups. Also he is a part of the artistic committee of the impro festival in Amsterdam (IMPRO Amsterdam). He loves making people click with each other and focuses on getting the group to a higher level. In his workshops, he dominantly focuses on learning through doing, not talking. So don't expect to be sitting down in long discussions but to get moving and playing.

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OÜ Creative Thinker

E-mail: tilt@improfestival.ee


Rahvaülikooli teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Estonia

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