JCI WC2019: Fine Dining. Estonian Flavors. (CANCELLED)

Wed 6. November 2019 at 19:00 - 22:00

Info: Maarja-Eeva Mändmets, maarja.mandmets@gmail.com, +372 5805 3765

Mon Repos · Narva mnt. 92, Tallinn, Estonia

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Executive Chef Vladislav Dyatsuk and certified pommelier Kaire Jakobson have designed a fine dining event with Estonian flavours. The dinner will be held at restaurant Mon Repos, in it's exclusively reserved second floor. During the seven courses which are accompanied by rare local alcoholic beverages (juniper & mynthe lemonade, birch sap sparkling wine, rowan berry wine, apple sparkling wine, ice cider), the participants are given insights into the world wide famous chefs competition Bocuse D'Or by Executive Chef Vladislav Dyatsuk. Vladislav is one of the five chefs in Estonia who has represented Estonia in this competition. Kaire Jakobson is the only certified pommelier (ie. cider sommelier) in the Baltic States. She will shed a light on the ciders of Estonia, as well as on the craft wines that are made in small batches and quite often sold only at the same winery or cidery.
This special format includes a couple of small brakes, just to absorb the impact of such unusual flavours. During these brakes it is possible to peek into Vlad's special kitchen which is situated on the same floor. And last, but not least will be the story of this elegant wooden villa, that has been used as a restaurant and a casino during the 1920-s.

* Crispy pork skin, trout roe and horseradish “Smetana”
* Fish & dill
* Roasted bone marrow with black bread and apple mustard
* Parsley root soup with puffed buckwheat and bacon crust
* Apple cider granite and sorrel
* Glazed lamb tongue with wild mushroom “Mulgi” porridge, quince puree and Porter beer sauce
* Plum “mannavaht” dessert with juniper ice cream

Please let us know well in advance if there are special food requirements: vegan, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance or other.
Price includes food and drinks, presence and guidance by Vladislav and Kaire.

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Mon Repos · Narva mnt. 92, Tallinn, Estonia

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