Navigating the IT Landscape: A Business Professional's Guide to Successful Collaboration and Procurement

Monday 4. December at 14:00 - Wednesday 13. December 2023 at 18:00 EEST

04.12 14-17 (3h)
06.12 14-17 (3h)
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In today's business world, IT has become an integral part of every organization. However, understanding this complex field and effectively collaborating within it can be a challenge, even for seasoned business professionals. This course aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills not only to comprehend the IT realm but also to successfully lead IT projects and procurements.

Here's from the teacher:
"Hello! I am Kaja, an IT system and business analyst with over 20 years of experience. I have a diverse background spanning various sectors (including energy, finance, telecommunications, and government) and types of organizations (software development, startups, government, large corporations). I've been involved in various projects, ranging from business process analysis to system integration. Currently, I am the manager and consultant at Liriel OÜ and a teacher at ITBAC.

Throughout my extensive experience, I've observed that IT professionals often speak a different language and work at a different pace compared to the rest of the organization. I've frequently acted as a translator between these parties, finding ways to make these functions collaborate towards a common goal. As IT becomes increasingly important in various sectors, the knowledge of how to smartly use and collaborate with IT is becoming more essential for everyone, from top executives to specialists in other fields.

Welcome to the course that helps non-IT individuals understand the world of IT!

Why this course?

Universal: Suitable for all non-IT individuals, regardless of their field or job.

Practical: Provides a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively leverage IT for your organization's benefit.

Results-Oriented: Teaches skills that help make smart decisions and take advantage of the opportunities offered by IT."

The course covers the following topics:

Day 1:

Understanding the Language of IT
*What is an IT system and its components?
*What documentation to demand and how to interpret it?
*Security aspects

Day 2:

Typical IT Projects and Their Specifics
*Optimizing Business Processes
*Implementing Products
*Software Development
*Information Exchange
*Establishing or Enhancing IT Infrastructure

Day 3:

Roles of IT Professionals
*Why are they necessary? What are their responsibilities?
*What do they require from the business side?
*When to engage them?

Day 4:

The IT Project Implementation Process
*Various Project Management Methodologies
*Involvement of IT and Business Roles Throughout the Project
*Budgeting and Staying Within Budget
*Change Management
*Legal Considerations
*Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Day 5:

Conducting Successful IT Procurements
*Information Required for Service Providers to Make Bids
*What to Include in Contracts
*Key Considerations in Bids

Day 6:

Setting Up Your IT Department
*IT Administration
*Development Teams
*Processes for Maintaining and Enhancing Company IT Architecture
*Supplier Management