iHuman / DocPoint 2020

Wed 29. January 2020 at 20:30 - 22:09

Cinema Sõprus · Vana-Posti 8, Estonia

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As machines get smarter what it means to be human is changing. How does AI impact who we are? How can we make sure we develop AI that is safe and for the common good? What goals and values do we program into our AI systems?

Good Pitch

iHuman is a solid introduction to the topic, covering the way that algorithms “watch us” and evaluating how much data about us is being shared with tech companies on a daily basis. The idea of manipulation and monitoring of people via the internet, coupled with the huge advances in facial recognition software that contributors here say is already being used to target ethnic Uyghurs in China, makes one of them fear it could creat “infinitely stable dictatorships”.

This is a frightening thought and one Hessen Schei focuses on, although she strays into the world of speculation in certain places. Take, for example, psychologist Michal Kosinski – whose research is said to have inspired the creation of Cambridge Analytica. (“I guess I have to deal with being blamed for all of it,” he says). He claims that computers can analyse physiological traits to determine a person’s sexuality and even their political leanings, which, if true, would certainly be a concern, but there’s definitely a sense of the worst-case scenario being explored at all points in this documentary. This is further underlined by a portentous sound design and score.

Amber Wilkinson, Screen Daily

Language: English

Name in Original Language: iHuman
Director: Tonje Hessen Schei
Country: Norra
Year: 2019
Length: 99
Cinematography: Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Editing: Torkel Gjorv, Aleksander Kvam
Production: UpNorth


Cinema Sõprus: Wednesday, 29.01 - 20:30

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Cinema Sõprus · Vana-Posti 8, Estonia

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