IFEH 4th World Academic Conference on Environmental Health "The Real Situation in Environmental Health – Challenges and Solutions"

Tuesday 4. May - Thursday 6. May 2021 EEST


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The International Federation of Environmental Health works to disseminate knowledge concerning environmental health and promote co-operation between countries where environmental health issues are transboundary. Amongst other things, the Federation seeks to provide means of exchanging information and experience on environmental health, to hold Congresses and meetings to discuss subjects relevant to environmental health science and administration, to represent the interests of environmental health to state agencies, national governments and international organisations and to promote field studies of environmental health control.

Tartu Health Care College would be truly honoured to host a 4th IFEH World Acedemic Conference on Environmental Health from 4th to 8th May, 2021 in Tartu, Estonia. We would like to provide a modern conditions for the conference, interesting and high-level scientific presentations related to relevant environmental health issues and exciting activities in our beautiful and clean nature. The conference will engage academia, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and local communities from the 4 regions of the IFEH (Africa, Americas, Asia and Pacific, and European).

Situation in Environmental Health is ever-changing, especially nowadays with many new challenges such as globalization, consumerism, climate and demographic changefa, etc. We face new geographic scale of diseases, obesity in some areas as well as famine in others, we waste water in some countries in times of draught in others. Everyone of us in every corner of the world has different challenges and milestones. Lets put the real environmental health situation on the scale and see how we could overcome these challanges, survive and thrive in these changing times. Lets do it TOGETHER!

Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool