Concert project of Rõuge Helikoor-choir

Wed 23. June at 12:00 - Tue 31. August 2021 at 23:00

Rõuge kirik · Rõuge kirik, 66201 Rõuge, Võru County, Estonia

Welcome to support the Helikoor-choir concert project.

The HELIKOOR, a choir of Rõuge school alumni and singers associated with Rõuge, will gather again to warm the hearts through singing and to pay homage to dear teachers and mentors. Beloved singer OTT LEPLAND, writer and semiotician VALDUR MIKITA, world-conquering musician MARI KALKUN, talented alumni REIO HELEKIVI and Heli Teppo's grandchildren are planned to take the stage.
The choir will be conducted by the incomparable JANE REILJAN, and the concert will be accompanied by the RÕUGE UNISTUSTE KITARRIORKESTER.

The thanksgiving concert will take place on
Sunday, 22 AUGUST 2021 at 15.00 o'clock
in Rõuge Maria Church and is free of charge.

By supporting the Helikoori's Thanksgiving Concert project, you will be contributing to the Helikoori's continuous activities and the concert. The donations received in the Fienta will cover the costs of the concert and support the musicians.

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Rõuge kirik, 66201 Rõuge, Võru County, Estonia

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