Funny Fortunes: A Stand-Up Comedy Show & Live Tarot Reading (Berlin)

Saturday 10. August at 20:30 - 23:00

Karakas • Kurfürstenstraße 9, 10785 Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Stand-up comedy meets live tarot reading! ✨ In a show that's completely improvised, anything can happen!

In this special show, comedian & host Žana Fejzić (BIH/USA) and professional tarot reader Nisrine seek to help you answer life's most difficult questions:

Are they ghosting you or are they just lost and hungover in Berghain? 😵‍💫
Should you quit your start-up job to start DJing? 💽
Will you ever find an apartment with an Anmeldung? 📋

In a show that's completely improvised, anything can happen!


When booking your ticket, simply answer "yes" when asked if you'd like to be entered into the raffle for a live tarot reading. The night of the show we'll choose names out of a hat randomly. If your name gets chosen, you get to go up on stage for your live tarot reading!

🗓️ WHEN:

Saturday, 10. August
Show begins 21:00
Doors open 20:30


Kara Kas
Kurfürstenstr. 9
10785 Berlin


Starting from €12 when booked online
€15 at the door, cash or card (subject to availability)


Born in Bosnia, raised in Florida, and living in Berlin, Žana’s comedy mirrors her eclectic cultural background and is best described as Balkan pessimism battling delusional American positivity sprinkled in with reggaeton flair.

Within 5 months of starting comedy she became a finalist in the 2022 Berlin New Stand Up Awards and is now hosting & producing shows in Berlin & across Europe. She has opened for a variety of comedians across Europe such as Dragos Christian, Rob Anderson & Elena Gabrielle. You can catch her perform regularly to hear her fresh take on the absurdity of immigration laws, her Balkan background, and growing up in Florida.

IG @zanafejzic


Hailing from a lineage of herbalists and mystics, Nisrine spent her childhood in the valleys of Mount Lebanon conversing with ghosts, and her adult life attempting to evade them. Nearly named "Kawkab Najem" (Planet Star in Arabic) by her grandfather, Nisrine grew up with an inherent sense of seeing beyond the visible and hearing the unspoken, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Having discovered astrology and tarot during her youth, she plunged into books and seminars, sharpening her grasp of these arts to unlock the secrets of the universe and figure out if her crush likes her back.

Today, she resides in Berlin. A corporate girlie by day, bartender by night, and a planet whisperer by twilight, Nisrine uses her unique blend of gifts, tarot, and astrology to guide herself and others towards not ignoring the red flags and maybe living their best lives.

Karakas • Kurfürstenstraße 9, 10785 Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Zana Fejzic