Paris trip with luxembourg.friends

Vendredi 27. mai à 13:00 - Dimanche 29. mai à 15:00

Eifel Tower

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The first day. May 27th

13:00 we meet in a beautiful hotel in the heart of Paris. (Some guests come from Luxembourg, so we cooperate with them and leave by train at 10:10 and arrive in Paris at 12:20.)

The beginning of our girls' tour and acquaintance, which is entirely in line with Parisian tradition and fashion, will take place over a glass of the most authentic and romantic drink in Paris - Rosé.

15:00 New Paris Museum in the building of the Bourse de Commerce (la Bourse de Commerce), which exhibits works of one of the most significant collections of modern art in the world, which François Pinault has been collecting for more than fifty years.

After visiting the most talked about museum in Paris, we just need to see the main beauty of Paris - for this we will invite you to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Paris to see the tower! (if we do not have time to visit the observation deck on this day, the visit will be rescheduled for the next day)

19:00 For dinner, we will visit the most photogenic restaurant of the Big Mamma group with a very Parisian atmosphere, which is no less worthy in terms of service and amazing taste of dishes!

Drinks in a bar for those who wishes.

Second day. May 28th

Highlights of contemporary Paris

10:00 Today we meet for a walk with the local travel Guide Polina Poumeyrol, she is a real Parisian! With Polina we go for a walk along the passages, and also in the Palais Royal. Let's find out what the aristocracy of the 18th century actually did in this garden!

12:00 After visiting the Palais Royal, we will cross the Ile de la Cité, where the main events of Hugo's book - Notre-Dame De Paris took place, we will walk to the legendary bookstore, where a bunch of Hollywood films and European Art House were filmed, we will definitely try the famous choux pastry from the most famous patisserie in Paris, after visiting these places, I will show you the oldest perfume shop in Paris and you will plunge into the atmosphere of the early 19th century, with ceramic bottles and solid oak wooden shelves!

15:00 For a glass of wine, we must drop by the legendary Cafe de flore, where Arielle Dombasle and Jean Reno like to dine in silence. At one time this legendary place was visited by Camus and Hemingway and Picasso. The spirit of Sartre hovers in the institution to this day.

Today, you can also meet famous stars and eminent guests of Paris here. An alternative would be La Palette, where Antoine Exupery liked to dine (they don’t book a table in the best places in Paris of this level, so we always have a plan B).

After lunch we go to check the post-impressionists (Vincent van Gogh for example) in the Musee d'Orsay, and finish our evening with dinner in a cozy place in the center of Paris.

May 29

gastro delicacies and fashion
Paris is a city that is definitely full of taste!

Our morning we start with a walk around the interesting, untouched points of Paris with Polina Doronina, Polina will tell us the most shocking and curious facts about Paris in a boring language.

Today a photographer will join us, she will create a reportage filming of our meeting and for each girl she will make 1 additional retouched portrait frame (optional)

At the end of our tour, we will have a lunch tasting of French delicacies at the Saint-Germain market. Our personal gastro guide and real Parisian Polina Doronina loves her city very much, and she sincerely wants to share this love with us - we are waiting for a cheese tasting and a conversation about the social life of Parisians, finally all the secrets of the unique French charm will be revealed!

After lunch, we will visit one of the highlights of our itinerary - Samarithaine Shopping Center - an old shopping center that has been closed for almost 20 years and recently opened its doors. Here you can find luxury brands, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as buy souvenirs - this is the final bonus point of the route. That is, we will visit it if we have time.

The main part of the program will end at approximately 15.00

What is included in the price?

1. 2 nights Accommodation in a decent hotel (4 stars with a high rating - or 5 stars) in a single room. It is possible to reduce the cost of the trip for friends who are willing to live in the same room.
2. Two guided tours with personal tour-guide.
3. lunch on this indicated guided tour (includes drinks and local delicacies).
4. Drinks and snacks for dinner at the Big Mamma Group restaurant (+ Rosé).
5. Photo session for 1.5 hours. 1 retouched portrait picture and reportage photoshooting of our walk.
6. Entrance fees to the Museum-Exchange.
7. Entrance fees to the Musée d'Orsay
8. Subway tickets.
9. Welcome drinks during the first meeting.
10. Services of the organizers.
11. Surprises and gifts

The adress of the Hotel where we meet you to get to the email. If you don't receive this additional email please contact us in instagram luxembourg.friends or by the indicated phone number.

The price of everything listed per person is 1100 euros. Valid for this trip only.

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