FREE Well-Being Program for Self-Discovery

Jeudi 1. septembre 2022 à 11:00 - Vendredi 1. septembre 2023 à 20:00 GMT

Self Paced Online Program

Be Your Own Healer - Learn a unique method in 4 Dimensions including Self-Inquiry, Yoga & Meditation, self-care & empowerment.

Are you ready to make some solid, lasting changes in your life but you’re not sure HOW?

This program is for YOU!

A Guide to introduce you to an intentional Well-Being, to deepen your journey of conscious healing & transformation.

This an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life with the Unique Method of Inner Healer. Our method works by separating the Dimensions - an aspect of our ‘self’ that usually operates as part of an integrated Whole but can be explored and understood as its own individual entity.

Each day, you will focus on one dimension of the self and you will get guided meditations, practices and knowledge about your self-healing powers in 4 Dimensions.




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