Proudly presented by the Tallinn Fringe Festival

Performer: Isidora Salcedo
Genre: Standup comedy
Language: English
Duration: 50 minutes
Tickets: From 5 € (on doors: 12€)
World premiere

Sex and dating, dealing, with rent, bills, and weird people. Day-to-day life can be ridiculous and in many cases absurd. Flipping the 30s' is a stand-up comedy show in the context of Tallinn Fringe about adulting as a millennial at times when things are pretty messed up. I invite you to laugh with me about my new white hair and more, or if you have them, give me advice.

-Who is Isi? IG: @ isi_salcedo (
Isi Salcedo (CL) is a stand-up comedian, visual artist, and cartoonist. Originally from Chile, she has lived the last 3 years in Germany, Austria, and Estonia a little like a nomad person. Loves to laugh about the absurd day-to-day life of a millennial, artist living abroad, with Tinder dates and paperwork struggles.

Riga Cherry Bar • Audeju iela 8, LV-1050 Riga, -, Latvia

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