Failing in Love • Krakow • Stand up Comedy in English

Sunday 1. September at 18:00 - 20:00

Klub Poczta Główna • Wielopole 2, 31-072 Kraków, Województwo małopolskie, Poland

A stand up comedy show in English about failures in relationships and love with the most hilarious comedians in Europe!

Laugh along as the mischievous Victor Patrascan and his friends take you through their lives, romantic adventures, dating successes, but mostly failures, and much more…

🎟️ online tickets from 40zł / tickets on the door 80zł
The show will be held entirely in English

Victor Patrascan 🇷🇴 • • @VictorPatrascan

Victor Pãtrãşcan is an eccentric stand up comedian and outrageous social commentator from Romania who for the last 4 years has been constantly on tour, traveling the world and telling jokes in broken English.

Victor honed his joke writing skills on the comedy circuit in London, where he lived until 2020. Since moving out of London, Victor has been traveling internationally, showcasing his comedic talent. In several locations, he has had the distinction of being the first comedian to perform in English. In 2023 alone, Victor performed and produced over 300 of his own shows across 70 cities, 32 countries and 2 continents. Consequently, he has a legitimate claim for having the longest and most extensive self-produced comedy tour in the world.

Victor has told his jokes in Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Singapore, Turkey, Sweden, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Ukraine, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, South Korea, Portugal, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia, very close to the Vatican, Thailand, Georgia, UK, Slovenia, Armenia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Armenia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, UAE, Denmark, Moldova, Vietnam, Hungary, and even Bulgaria.

Victor weaves these unique experiences into his stand up as he has become somewhat of a comedy monk bringing comedy to new places, a sponge absorbing the intricacies of the cultures of the world and its politics and a silly goose. His style is distinctly shaped by his peculiar life as a vagabond. But, while he jokes about the stereotypes and misconceptions of every country, he also highlights the silliness of these presumed differences in an effort to bring everyone together.

Victor's live shows are a delightful blend of sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes. Book your tickets now and witness live one of Europe's brightest emerging comedy talents! For more information, visit his website

Klub Poczta Główna • Wielopole 2, 31-072 Kraków, Województwo małopolskie, Poland

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