T 1. veebruar 2022 kell 16:00 - 18:00

ZOOM online platvorm

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The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of life long career and work happiness paradigm. Participants will investigate how to increase job satisfaction and well-being at the workplace.

Linking words during our training:
- how to be balanced in work life
- how to avoid burn-out and bored-out syndrome
- commitment to the job, motivation, passion and more.

Main parts of the training:

The first part: New work happiness philosophy. Prognoses of life-long career and expectations. Work happiness model and roots of well-being

The second part: How to deal with changes in work life. How to avoid stress and burnout syndrome.

The third part: Methods for work rituals to support a good work atmosphere.

Trainer: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa is a psychologist and trainer, she has written theses about work happiness, founded a start-up, which provides a platform for new generations leadership

Workshop link and other details will always be sent to the participants e-mail on the same morning as the event takes place and not later than 12.00. For further information or questions You can always write

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