VORTEX HEALING group session with Sukhāvatī

Laupäev 23. september kell 11:00 - 13:00

ZEN SPACE STUDIO • Kalaranna 8/11, Eesti

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Saturday September 23rd 11:00

At Zen Space Studio

Vortex Healing
Group Session

Come to experience the magic of Vortex Healing.

This is a modality that comes from the Merlin linage and supports you in your healing and awakening journey.

During the session Sukhāvatī (Spain, Bali) channels the vortex energy to clean chakras, dissolve karmic knots in the spine, release physical, emotional, and mental pains, and strengthen your energy body.

Don’t miss it out !

1 hour 30 min

At the reduced cost of 33€ as it’s her first event in Estonia


Testimonials from clients:

“I felt a lot of energy through my whole body, mainly in lower body and heart area. at one point a feeling of sadness came over me when I was focussing on the heart. thanks so much.
also for translating”

"Vortex healing with Sukhavati was one of my best experience in energetic healing.
To me, it is very powerful and soft at the same time. I felt a profound reprogramming in the most fine structure of my body. Then I could orientate the energy flow towards any parts or any emotions, the vortex just simply unfold thi pain into simplicity, peace and joy!
I would love to do it again"

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ZEN SPACE STUDIO • Kalaranna 8/11, Eesti

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