Tilt Workshop: Sophia Lierenfeld (GER) - Trust Your Sexuality

N 19. september 2019 kell 14:00 - 17:00

Hopneri maja Dörnse saal · Raekoja plats 18, Tallinn, Eesti

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In improv we learn to trust our impulses - but what about the flirty, sexual ones?
We need them to play truthful and intimate love stories, to create more vulnerable and honest characters. They help us to enrich our comedy without falling into sexist clichés and crude humor.
In this workshop, we'll explore these impulses.
You'll learn to feel more secure with them, to make sexual offers without overstepping boundaries and to deal with offers that make you feel uncomfortable without ending the scene. You'll become more aware of yourself and your partners so you can take care of each other and overcome possible fears and shame together.
Being more comfortable with sexuality in improv will give you more strength and freedom as an improviser and empowers you as a person!

Level: intermediate, advanced.


Sophia Lierenfeld is an actress, improviser, musician and coach based in Berlin. She performs and teaches improv internationally with her groups "Fox and Foxy" and "Birthday Cake" and various other improv projects. Also, she founded "Improv Without Borders", an improv course for refugees, expats and Berlin residents which has been featured on the NPR Podcast "Rough Translation".

Sophia started acting and singing on stage when she was seven years old and never stopped ever since. Right after she finished school she started working as an acting teacher and musical director. She used improvisation to develop and stage over 30 plays with kids and teenagers and worked as a musical director for the youth section of the state theatre in Nuremberg.
Playing for and with children is still an important part of her life. Sophia worked as an actress in fairy tales at Galli Theater Berlin for over a year and now travels to book fares and goes on theatre tours for a big book publisher, telling the stories of Janosch, a famous German illustrator and children's books author.

Besides her theatre and music work, Sophia is also a dating coach and helps people to become more authentic, playful and happy and truly connect with each other. She has been invited to speak at conferences like "Mann Sein" in Germany and got interviewed as an expert on radio, newspapers and television.

In her workshop "Trust your sexuality" Sophia combines methods and ideas from scripted theatre and improvisational theatre with her experience and knowledge as a dating coach.

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Hopneri maja Dörnse saal · Raekoja plats 18, Tallinn, Eesti

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