Tilt Workshop: Phil Lunn (GBR) - Discovering Songs

R 20. september 2019 kell 10:00 - 13:00

Tallinna Rahvaülikooli Teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Eesti

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OK, so our scene has led us into the perfect moment for a song. Great. What happens next? What makes a great song?
In this workshop we'll look at how to create songs ‘organically’— by playing and experimenting, gradually discovering a brilliant theme and musical hook.

We'll look at:
— what songs are about
— how to explore and find a theme and perspective
— how to know when you've found all that you need, and when you should change

This session won’t require anyone to know the details of song structures or musical techniques. It’s therefore ideal to people who enjoy singing (maybe just in the shower), but haven’t done much musical improv. On the other hand, experienced improvisers can also find the novel approach interesting.

Level: all levels but not complete improv beginners


Phil is an improviser from London, UK. He’s been improvising for several years, both on stage and behind the piano. He’s worked with several leading UK groups including Music Box, Hoopla, Silly String Theory and The Maydays. He regularly works with many groups at international improvisation festivals.
Currently, Phil is Director of The Staccatos, a London-based short-form musical improv group, and he regularly performs on stage with the Hoopla Players. He regularly performs solo in his one man improvised cabaret “Phil Lunn Is…” where he performs improvised songs as various characters.

“A powerhouse of musical improv” — Open Your Mouth And Sing


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E-post: tilt@improfestival.ee


Tallinna Rahvaülikooli Teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Eesti

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