Paavli․LIVE: The Underground Youth (UK)

Pühapäev, 28. aprill kell 19:00 - 23:00

Paavli Kultuurivabrik • Paavli 7, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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Manchester-born, Berlin-based post-punk group The Underground Youth land in Tallinn once again for a highly anticipated live show, this time they’ll be bringing their newest work “Nostalgia’s Glass” with them.

19:00 doors
20:00 Orient (CZ)
21:00 The Underground Youth (UK)

The Underground Youth started back in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer and to this day, this same project has led to the release of more than ten albums and three EPs that all gradually evolved towards their unique sounds, which is best described as a cinematic landscape of burning post-punk, lo-fi psychedelia and romantic melancholy. Over the course of their ten-year career, they have garnered a dedicated and intense following, even described as cult-like. All of this has been achieved through extensive tours in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The indie label Fuzz Club is responsible for releasing The Underground Youth's music, and they have been collaborators since 2012. The band members include Craig (vocals/guitar), Olya Dyer (drums), Max James (bass), and Leonard Kaage (guitar/production).

‘Nostalgia’s Glass’ is the eleventh studio album from cult Manchester-born, Berlin-based post-punk group The Underground Youth, due out August 18th on Fuzz Club. “Nostalgia’s Glass looks back at the music of The Underground Youth, forming new songs in a style reminiscent of the band's past”, band leader Craig Dyer writes: “The aim became to create a collection of songs that paid homage to our back catalogue and attempted to dissect not only the positive but the negative elements of nostalgia, primarily the romanticisation of the past – be it the politics of a country, the controversial legacies of film and musical icons or the sentimental idealisation of long dead toxic relationships.”
Orient (CZ) has been oscillating between psychedelic rock and post-punk with hints of spacier kinds of krautrock - and even of prog-rock - as demonstrated on their latest full length record Redwood (2022). They started off as a trio exploring contemporary electronic trends. Over the years they acquired a more typical band lineup and currently consist of five musicians performing live relying on harmonised vocals, wind instruments, percussion, synthesisers and guitars.
Paavli.LIVE is our new in-house concert series where we will invite some of the most boundary-pushing, singular and delightful live acts out there for a variety of live formats. Watch this one, we have a lot of goodies in store for you.


Paavli Kultuurivabrik • Paavli 7, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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