The Feminist’s Handbook for Eastern Europe @ Voices International Theatre Fest (New Jersey)

Jersey City Theater Center • 07302 Jersey City, New Jersey

Osta pilet

“Feminist blues songs and incredible stories from the Wild East”

Blues Cabaret, 55 minutes

By Kaisa Ling, Rene Allkivi / Scott Diel

Kaisa Ling and Rene Paul, incarnate as Estonia’s best (albeit the only) feminist vaudeville blues band The Kaisa Ling Thing, present the blues cabaret "The Feminist's Handbook for Eastern Europe" – as seen at Edinburgh Fringe, Tallinn Fringe, Turku FINFRINGE, and Berlin Z-Bar – in New York June 2024!

The self-proclaimed Blues Broad Kaisa Ling wishes to create a modern vaudeville cabaret experience with a political twist. In addition to matters of body image, gender and sexual discrimination, and blues, The Kaisa Ling Thing aims to revive the outrageous and creative bluntness of the songs sung by Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Alberta Hunter – among other proto-feminist heroes.

The duo’s (Ling, vocals, plus Paul, piano and vocals) show, "The Feminist's Handbook" is seven songs that help tell the story of a young woman born in independent, post-occupation Estonia. And the Soviet residue that restrains feminist progress by polluting the minds of some of her fellow countrypersons. The Kaisa Ling Thing paints a vaudevillian blues portrait of what it’s like to be a modern woman on the doorstep of Russia.

Songs include "Late to the Party," the story of a country that's plus-two GMT, yet 200 years behind when it comes to feminism, "Ragtown Boulevard," a treatise on domestic violence that still plagues much of the former Eastern Bloc, as well as "Menstruation Cessation Anticipation," an Amanda Palmer-inspired incantation to the speedy start of menopause. Not to mention "Aunty Vilma," a glorious and allegorical swing for all elderly members of the Sapphic Sisterhood.

"We will try our best to shake people’s souls and hopefully find some uncanny similarities between East and West," says Kaisa Ling of The Handbook. "The show is fabulous, hard-hitting, and 110% the real deal, as the Americans say. We Estonians are known for our chilly personalities and IT prowess but I aim to prove I have none of either. I sing the blues," she laughs.

"Those who would like to understand, sincerely and for real, what the so-called Middle-Aged White Men are blamed for, could go and see Kaisa. If you keep an open mind, in addition to experiencing a fun cultural event, you might also get "awakened"!" Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid, Former President of Estonia

Jersey City Theater Center • 07302 Jersey City, New Jersey

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