Secret Santa - gift exchange

Kolmapäev, 15. november kell 21:00 - Pühapäev, 31. detsember kell 10:00 EET


Every year, our project participants exchange gifts with strangers: they send a gift that matches the recipient's expectations and receive in return what they wish for themselves. We invite you to take part in our exciting project!

Over 400 people have participated in the project over the course of its 8 years! This year we have kept the option of free participation, but also added some paid tickets, which give more guarantee and security when exchanging gifts.

Registration for the project will take place through this platform and in order to participate, you will need to purchase a ticket. After purchasing the ticket, we will send you a questionnaire within a few days.

Carefully read the terms and conditions for each of the tickets and see you at the project!

Secret Santa Estonia