Secret Santa - iga-aastane kingituste vahetus

Esmaspäev 21. november 2022 - Kolmapäev 11. jaanuar 2023 EET


The participants of our project annually exchange gifts with strangers: they send a gift that meets the recipient's expectations and receive in return what they themselves wanted. We invite you to take part in our exciting project!

For a long time (7 years) participation in our project was free, but from year to year there are people who fraudulently seek to receive a gift without sending anything in return. We made many attempts to avoid this, but not all methods were effective enough. The Secret Santa team decided to introduce a participation fee this year, however (!) we left the opportunity to participate in the project for free.

Registration for the project will take place through this platform and in order to participate, you need to purchase a ticket. If you choose not to pay a participation fee, you must take a zero ticket.

Carefully read the conditions for each of the tickets and see you at the project!

Osta pilet

Secret Santa Estonia