Music , meditation , Sound Bowls

Reede, 26. mai 2023 kell 19:20 - 21:30

Evolution club • Parnu mnt 8, 10135 Tallinn, Tallin, Eesti

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Meditation with Bowls and Sound Therapy
Master Amit will start with producing frequencies of sound with the bowls which will connect you at different levels to harmonise the heart and soul and bring you to present status from all the stress and worries running though the blood vessels . The meditation will be for 75 mins which will connect you to open your chakras at different sounds of different chakras .

Singing bowls are said to balance and unblock these chakras, restoring balance within the body. When using singing bowls to cleanse your chakras, it is very important to know which chakras are affected so that you can better focus your healing on specific chakras.

P.S. please wear comfortable clothes , leave as many as metals away from the workshop , telephones and tablets can also be left at home to have a natural background for cleaning and creating harmonic sound .
Do not bring or use leather , belts , metal items in the workshop duration.

We will also have an indian exhibition of products coming from a handmade brand working around the globe KOTSA ( )
So there will be a small setup of market for jewelleries , ear rings , necklaces , gemstones and jackets including the meditation bowls for sale .
You can also book and order singing bowl through us.
We welcome you all to check and book our workshop with Master Amit , we will be handling all the process and venue .
Please come and spread the awareness , Master Amit has been travelling through the globe from 18 years , his vast knowledge and experience at an early stage can be seen through Google .
He is a professional and has been running various organisations to bring more awareness of how to live happy in 2 easy ways .
Master Amit is also a professional palm reader , guide and life consultant for education, health, finance, love, relationships, family and all necessary stages of life.
You can connect us or Master Amit to know more details about this to book your appointment.

Evolution club • Parnu mnt 8, 10135 Tallinn, Tallin, Eesti

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