KLANGKARUSSELL by Live Love Laugh at Tallinn

R 5. november kell 23:00 - L 6. november 2021 kell 04:30

Helios · Sauna 1-3, 10140 Tallinn, Eesti

Meie järgmine sündmus leiab aset 5. novembril. Armusime eelmisel korral Heliose müstilisse hoonesse ja tahame seda unikaalset ja ajaloolist kohta uuesti ellu äratada ja teeme seda sellel korral sellise kollektiiviga nagu seda on Klangkarussell. Lisaks nendele muidugi ka kohalikud helikunstnikud õhtut toetamas.

Our next special event will take place on November 5th. As we fell in love with the mystical Helios building last time, we want to make this unique and historic place alive again, but this time with amazing Klangkarussell guys. In addition to them, of course, we also have our local artists to support the night!

More info on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/201700268726985

Klangkarussell biography:

Klangkarussell are back in control. They're doing things on their own terms, and on their own label - an imprint that has so far seen the release of two singles within several months (‘Comoros’, and ‘Ghostkeeper’ feat. GIVVEN). Despite the fact that they have been making music together for almost a decade, they now have a renewed sense of purpose, energy and inspiration. "We've just started again," says Tobias Rieser, who along with life long friend Adrian Held has spent the last few years in major label wilderness. "Now we will make music that feels right for us."

As younger men, this Austrian duo wrote ‘Sonnentanz’, a track that went on to be a global, chart topping hit. That naturally took the old Salzburg school friends in a certain direction - which, in the excitement of the moment, they were happy to embrace - but it was always at the whim of others rather than in pursuit of their own musical vision. It was a period that saw them release very little music, even though they were still writing plenty. By starting BIAS Beach Records, they now promise to put out much more music, much more regularly. A lot of what will be heard in 2020 and beyond was originally written many years ago, but never got heard. Because it was so ahead of its time, it is music that is now still resonating around the world as dancers fall for grooves that are much more than purely functional tools.

Maybe it's the crisp mountain air and natural beauty of their homeland, or the lingering influence of the melodic music they grew up around that gives Klangkarussell their sound. Whatever the reason, throughout their careers, the pair have always been masters of emotion. That emotion has been underpinned by a wide variety of rhythms, but always offered proper structure, and the sort of chords that melt hearts.

While Adrian's former love of drum‘n’bass no doubt accounts for the duo's flawless execution, both artists have some formal musical background - Tobias the trombone, Adrian piano and drums, as well as a more recent interest in real music theory. All of this naturally lends their material a certain elegance and musicality that captures the minds, as well as bodies, of clubbers and electronic music fans all over the world.

Unlike many duos, this pair don't live locally - they live in different cities - but they have such a deep, shared musical understanding that they can start on music at home (but in identically replicated studios) and then meet up later to finish off what they are making. It's the same when they DJ - there are no strict rules, no pre prepared routines, just a commonality in what they want to say, and how they want to say it. Those DJ sets have remained in demand over the years even when the pair haven't be putting out much music, which is a testament to the effect they have on crowds everywhere from Phonox and XOYO in London to clubs across the rest of Europe and as far afield as Colombia.

Outside of music, one thing that brings them together regularly, and always has, is playing FIFA. "It is a necessity to hang out together," says Adrian. In the real world, they also play tennis together as often as they can. "Tobias is better at both," deadpans Adrian. "But Adrian is better at the music, so it works out fine for me," quips Tobias, who explains that the technical and audio engineering skills of Adrian always come in handy.

Next year will bring with it a wealth of new music, as well as the introduction of other artists on their own label. It will become a place that deals in all sorts of "provocative" music away from straight-forward house tracks. "We're not afraid of releasing whatever we want," says Adrian. "We don't want to just build a big brand with a certain sound. It doesn't have to be music for a club context."

"There will also be an album that is unrestrained by major label interference”, so will see the pair indulge whatever takes their fancy. Though common wisdom these days is that few people listen to albums, Adrian is sticking to his guns. "I listen to lots of records in full, so for me albums are very important." A long player also makes perfect sense for a pair who have the sort of far reaching emotional range and unrestricted tempos of Klangkarussell.

"Most of it comes from inside," says Adrian of the pair's inspiration. "But now I'm more interested in communicating direct feelings in my music." To that end he carries a small battery powered synth round with him so he can write in the park, on walks, or wherever he fancies. It will lend the duo’s output a different style going forward. "Up to now the process was a bit detached," admits Adrian. "It was just music." But going forwards, Klangkarussell's sound will be much more personal, and undoubtedly even more powerful than ever.

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Helios • Sauna 1-3, 10140 Tallinn, Eesti

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