House Dance Basics with Kreete 🇪🇪

Pühapäev, 26. november kell 14:00 - 15:30

Spirit Studio • Liimi 1c, 10621 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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We're happy to welcome a highly experienced teacher Kreete to give us an introductory class about house dance. 🤩

👟What is house dance
House dance is a dynamic and expressive style of street dance that originated in the 1980s within the vibrant house music and club scene of New York City and Chicago. It is closely associated with the electronic music genre known as "house music." House dance emphasizes individuality, creativity, and self-expression through movement. Dancers often incorporate a variety of footwork, fluid body movements, and intricate steps, while responding to the rhythms and beats of house music.

Key elements of house dance include the “jack,” a signature dance move characterized by rhythmic body waveing movements in the upper body, footwork and floor movements. House footwork has been influenced by African dances, ice skating, salsa, samba and many more dance styles.

🕺About Kreete
Meet Kreete - the dancing queen with over two decades of experience! Not only has she dominated Estonian and international competitions both solo and with groups, but she's also been passing on her skills to her students for over 10 years. With a diverse background in all street dance styles, ballroom, and high heels, Kreete has truly mastered the art of movement.

Kreete has played a significant role in the development of house dance in Estonia since 2012. Her dedication to sharing knowledge acquired directly from house dance pioneers and instructing hundreds, if not thousands of students across Estonia, has been remarkable. Her influence has paved the way for several of her students to become house dance instructors, as she has generously imparted her skills and expertise to them.

Kreete has taken her talents beyond the stage and into music videos and production shows, all while training with the top dancers and teachers from around the world. And let's not forget her sense of humor - it's the cherry on top of her impressive resume.

👟 The workshop
In this workshop, you'll experience a lively introduction to house dance, featuring fast footwork and body jacking set to the beat of fast-paced house music. For the best experience, wear sneakers and loose-fitting clothing.

📍 Where
Spirit Studio, Liimi 1c, Tallinn

🗓️ When
26.11 at 14:00-15:30

Let's bounce! 🙌

Spirit Studio • Liimi 1c, 10621 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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