HIDE (US), Evestus (EE) • 15.10 • Sveta

Laupäev 15. oktoober kell 19:00 - 23:00

Sveta Baar • Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

Sveta & Damn.Loud present: October is time for Blow-Up Festival in Helsinki, which means lots of crazy bands are around the area! We always try to welcome as many of them as possible at Sveta Baar - this time a massive noise therapy by American band HIDE! Local support provided by local industrial outfit Evestus, who's back on stage after a while!

🎟️ Tickets: fienta.com/et/hide-cloud-rat-sveta

Dais Records
HIDE are an electronic duo based in Chicago. The pair create dark and heavy sample-based compositions using a combination of self-sourced field recordings and various pop culture and media references. Their music is textured, minimal, and powerful, giving raw vulnerability a chance to unfurl. Their work is honest, confrontational, powerful and thought-provoking.
HIDE's third album, Interior Terror (Dais Records, 2021) further abandons traditional concepts of song structure in favor of splintered rhythms and fevered, immediate release. Expanding on previous themes of autonomy and empowerment, Interior Terror addresses and questions the corporeal and immaterial body in a physical and metaphysical sense. Turning to the dread inside, reflecting on the world around us, HIDE gives voice to the power of destruction as a catalyst for hope, and to the collective experiences of those who've come before us as a wellspring of our own power. Raw vocal delivery of mantra-like prose issued forth yields a raging, plaintive wail that lulls, mocks, questions, proclaims and decries. A dearth of collected field recordings give way to more fluid arrangements while retaining a scathing urgency. The result is minimal, spacious, and jarring; a distant knocking grown into the pulse of a hypnotic dirge, drones emerge from shards of decomposed sound, bending, seething their way through your body.

After waking up from coma at new years eve 2019, Evestus decided to return to the darkness
that pushed him into mak
ing music in the first place. The Covid years were spent leaving his
London label, destroying and deconstructing his new album “Monster I've Become” and in 2022
Evestus returned to the stage with a new band, new sound and new fury! This is industrial rock
the way it's meant to be – noisy, thought provoking and entertaining! After an Evestus show,
you'll have plenty to wonder about.. even if it's just “..why?”

Osta pilet

Sveta Baar • Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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