Stuart's Free DJ Night, For Kuressaare Hospital

R 17. aprill kell 21:00 - L 18. aprill 2020 kell 02:00

START: 21.00 Estonia, 19.00 UK
END: 02.00 Estonia, 00.00 UK
I'll start DJing at 21.00 Estonian time (19.00 UK), but as long as you've got a ticket, you can join any time between then and the end of the party. The Discord link is on the ticket.

Remember you need to use SPOTIFY PREMIUM to access the music.


Piletimüük internetis on lõppenud.

I'm Stuart, I've loved music all my life, I've written about music, and I've been a radio presenter. Now I want to share my favourite party tunes with you on Friday night, all for a good cause. I'm holding a live listening party to cheer everyone up, and to do something for an Estonian hospital that needs help.

Tickets are FREE, but I would ask anyone who wants to join the party to make a voluntary donation to Kuressaare Hospital. You need DISCORD (free) and SPOTIFY PREMIUM (the paid version) in order to listen to the music I am playing.

*About the hospital*
Kuressaare is the main town on Saaremaa, an Estonian island that is the hardest-hit region of the country by the coronavirus. The hospital needs 18,000 masks per month during peak COVID-19 season, and around 1,000 extra protective suits. Donation details at the bottom of this text.

What the hospital needs costs around €70,000. We're not going to raise that much, but we can help a bit, and hopefully have some fun too. More info on Saaremaa's coronavirus crisis:

*Join the party, choose some songs!*
If you're stuck at home due to social distancing, or you miss your favourite bar or club, grab yourself a drink, clear some space in your living room, and dance to some well-known songs and overlooked party bangers from now and the past.

*The technical details*
I'll be using Discord, so download that program on your computer or phone for free, from and then log in at the time of the party using the link written on the ticket.

When you join the group and join the party, you can send requests to me in the chat, you can post pictures and videos from your side of the party, and we'll all have a great time.

In order to listen to the music, you will need Spotify Premium - this allows you to listen to my music through the Discord connection to Spotify on your device. Sign up here:

If you want to make a personal donation to Kuressaare Hospital, here are the details - you can make electronic bank transfers to the following accounts (this goes directly to the hospital):

Name: Kuressaare Haigla SA
Swedbank - EE322200001120090627
SEB Pank - EE581010220017888014
Description on payment: AITANSAAREMAAD.
(see also:

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