Helios: Tom Morgan (Faciendo / UK)

Laupäev, 27. aprill kell 23:00 - Pühapäev, 28. aprill kell 08:00

Techno club HALL • Peetri 6, 10411 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

Helios’s Annual Spring Jubilee featuring Faciendo co-founder Tom Morgan.

If “digging” is something that has become somewhat of a cliche today, Tom Morgan stands out as someone who proves the doubters wrong with a meticulous dedication to the craft and the results speak for themselves. Stories of him downloading a million clips off of Juno and listening to every single one within a year might at start be somewhat unbelievable, but once you listen to his mixes, it quickly shows. Deep, stripped down and full of soul, mystic and intimate, there’s a sense of curation that flows through every mix that is hard to come by. It’s a type of dedication towards dance music that inspired us to create Helios in the first place.

A hidden gem so to speak, Tom Morgan just doesn’t appear at every club out there, but if you look well enough you’ll see him billed for the likes of Closer and their 10th Anniversary, Art Of Dark in London and obviously his own Faciendo nights. And if you know us, you know much we love Faciendo - the meticulously curated and endlessly inspiring podcast/event series co-run by Tom and Desyn.

Our Spring parties at Mesila have been some of our favorites, from our first one with Z@p to our last one with Tho, we’re stoked to welcome Tom Morgan into the mix.

2/3 of the Helios crew will be playing before and after Tom:



PS! It's the birthday of our creative lead and fellow resident Jaan so get down.

Techno club HALL • Peetri 6, 10411 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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