Garage48 Defence Makeathon

Reede, 28. september kell 17:30 - Pühapäev, 30. september 2018 kell 20:30

University of Tartu Institute of Physics • W. Otswaldi 1, Tartu, Eesti

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Garage48 Defence Makeathon – don’t miss out on the opportunity to innovate the defence sector

Historically, the defence industry has led the way in research and development with industrial, commercial, and general public interests benefiting as various innovations become available to the rest of the world.

But this September, The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia, The Estonian National Defence College, The Estonian Defence Industry Association and Garage48 will give you a chance to INNOVATE and BUILD a new line of defence for Estonia and Europe!

Garage48 Defence Hardware Makeathon, the FIRST EVER defence-oriented hackathon in the area, is here to bring together like-minded professionals from the defence, IT, electronics and engineering sectors, to pick their brains and come up with whole new solutions to tackle the challenges of defence in the 21st century. What can be a daunting task alone, could be easily done together!

The aim of the hackathon

The hackathon will help bring together engineers and specialists from the defence sector, connecting them with students, developers, engineers and other experts from the civilian field in order to raise the awareness and knowledge about this specific, mysterious, but critically important field. We hope to attract new and ambitious talent and to develop innovative product concepts which could one day help defend our country.

Garage48 Defence Makeathon is a perfect place for Baltics and Scandinavian military and defence schools to mix and mingle, share their expertise with civil experts and students and find new ways to cooperate in the future.

How to bring the ideas to life?
Since the event is hardware oriented and specific tools or materials might be needed by teams to finish their prototypes, all teams are required to submit their ideas two weeks before the event kicks off. This deadline gives Garage48 Organizing Team enough time to shop and gather all the necessary tools and materials needed to bring your prototype to life! Garage48 Team will get in touch with you a month prior the hackathon.

· Defence-field experts
· Developers
· Designers (product designers, artists, architects, UI/UX etc)
· Hardware specialists and engineers(mechanics, electronics, 3D printing etc)
· Team leaders, visionaries and business minds

Warm meals three times a day, snacks and coffee to keep you going, wifi, tools and equipment to build hardware prototypes – everything is available at the venue.

Don’t miss out Garage48 Defence Makeathon!

This is a UNIQUE opportunity, so secure your spot, because tickets are selling out FAST. Let’s come together and innovate the whole defence sector!


!!! Garage48 Defence Makeathon is organized in cooperation with The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia and Estonian Defence Industry Association, which is why all the participants must agree with the mandatory background check.

Therefore, registration is open until 1st of September for non-Estonian citizens and until 17th of September for Estonian citizens!!!

For the updates, please, follow the FB event. All information about the available datasets, your daily dose of Defence Innovation inspiration, mentors introduction and many more!

University of Tartu Institute of Physics • W. Otswaldi 1, Tartu, Eesti

Google Map of W. Otswaldi 1, Tartu, Eesti