Fringe Festival: Encounters and Displacements (SWE)

Esmaspäev 4. september kell 19:00 - 20:00

Sepikoja Galerii • Marati 5b, 11713 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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Esineja: Anna Borràs Company - Indra Dance Company - Dan Lourenço Dance
Žanr: Tants
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Kestus: 1h
Piletid: 20€
(Ukselt 25€)
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A triple bill "Encounters and Displacements" by Anna Borràs Company - Indra Dance Company - Dan Lourenço Dance.

It's a celebration of Anna and Daniel's most recent works a on stage.
Presenting three dance pieces which marks three different stages of their artistic dance careers - both individually and as a company.
• Aryo (a solo piece by Anna Borràs Company in collaboration with the musicians Joel Fuguet Margelí, Marina Galán Rodríguez and Alex Paton)
• Places (a solo by Daniel Navarro Lorenzo)
• Exhale (a duet by Indra Dance Company).
This triple bill gives the opportunity to experience three different scenarios, themes and colors. Presenting three successful dance pieces which have been well recognised and toured internationally.

“Encounters & Displacements" is a celebration of Indra Dance Company, connecting our strong relationship as independent dancers and uniting our experiences and bringing our perspectives on stage for the audience to enjoy.

/ "ARYO" /
Aryo tells the different love stages someone is experiencing through live, passing through a deep and detailed scene of every sensational feel of love in each moment. Passing through gravity, strength and speed. The gravity you can experiment while you are on your own and how different it is while that person is there and when is not (the gap is been made). The strength of this love, passion and the speed, in terms of how quick the time passes while you are in love with someone or you love someone and how slow the time passes when you touch this person.

Watch the trailer of "ARYO":

/ "PLACES" /
What does nature mean to us? What do we remember of nature in the urban landscapes of streets, museums and parks? What will we remember in the future when all nature is artificial? This new dance piece will follow the music into dreams of the synthetic environment.
Based on the memory of what nature means to us and what will be remembered in this future fictitious world, where society has tried to recreate a synthetic and artificial nature.

/ "EXHALE" /
Exhale transports us through a collection of images that are memories during the passage of time in life.

Seeing them together, we appreciate those who we have developed strong bonds and radiant connections with. We understand that life is not in a straight line but is twisted, with ups and downs, some moments having to be redone or even erased.

Exhale takes us on a discovery of our own individualism. Even when surrounded by others, it is our choices, your desires, our uniqueness that controls our own fate. It is what makes us breathe.

The trailer of "EXHALE":

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Sepikoja Galerii • Marati 5b, 11713 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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