E 21. detsember 2020 - R 15. jaanuar 2021

Different venues

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Ten drawing sessions for the price of seven!

What a perfect christmas gift for your friends!
Or.. treat yourself to some lovely me-time next year!

The giftcard consists out of a personal code which you can use when ordering a ticket for a Drink & Draw TANKER sessions in 2021.

You can select to receive the code by mail.
Or get a fancy card so you can gift it to somebody, or hang on your fridge.
( + 2,95 for the parcel service - you will need to select a parcel station and give your phone number for us to be able to send it to you )

Drink & Draw sessions are planned to start again in Tallinn on a weekly basis mid January 2021, with the maximum amount of people that covid restrictions allow.
Art materials are provided at the session. Sessions can be held in different venues. Offer is valid until 15.01.2021 / Code is valid until 31.12.2021

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